We’re committed to providing exceptional and nutritious meal options to everyone including vegans and non-vegans
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Vernon Woodland & Lynn Woodland

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Where Compassion Meets Nutrition
NuVegan Café was created through a process of evolution and change. It started with a union which produced a dream that evolved into an idea that 2 young hardworking individuals could combine their expertise to create the perfect business concept. One would possess the formal training, while the other would bring much of the product knowledge to the table. They met at the age of 19 and knew instantly that they were meant to be together. They were unaware of the extent of this connection or even where it would take them, but it was evident that a power much greater, had already preordained this union.

With a bond that seemed to supersede time, what they discovered, was that a common love for cooking would be the main reason their destinies were intertwined. Vernon’s background in food was more practical, while Mickiyah’s was inherited. His decision to explore the culinary arts was influenced by a school presentation (after hearing the odds for the future of young black males within the arena of sports) that would eventually lead him to advanced studies within the culinary arts program in New England. Mickiyah found her “place” in the kitchen by way of upbringing. Born and raised as a vegan, her love for nutrition and food preparation was developed through her involvement in her family’s own vegan restaurant in Bermuda.

The concept of preparing all types of comfort foods without the use of any animal products required much innovation and creativity, and after 2 name changes and numerous obstacles, their concept was finally perfected. NuVegan café appeals to a broad audience and welcomes anyone looking for an alternative. From the transitional eater, to the devout vegan, there are endless options for all to enjoy.



Nutritious Meals For Everyone
From the first flavorful bite to the last scrumptious crumb on the plate, customers will be amazed. How can something so good, be so good for you? That good feeling and ful llment will be a contagious niche, ensuring a massive customer base and guaranteed loyalty. Commitment to a good product goes a long way.

IT’S THE RIGHT CHOICE. Face it, eating healthy just makes sense. You can’t consistently feed your body miscellaneous things that aren’t the best for it and assume that you’re going to live a long healthy life. Society is shifting towards a more responsible outlook towards health consciousness. Our plan is to capitalize on that awakening. We will produce an intellectual campaign! There’s nothing like natural food to fuel the body and we can prove it. When you eat better you feel better look better …there is much truth to the old adage you are what you eat from your head down to your feet. Pushing the be good to your body message will be a pleasure. We will produce a physical campaign!

The food is the easy part! IT’S SOOO GOOD!






Come one. Come all. Eat Vegan
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