NuVegan Cafe is an oasis – a gourmet, dining retreat that relaxes and rejuvenates beyond belief. Our food comprises some of the most rare and exotic ingredients found on earth, and combine to form the elegant, innovative dishes that have been celebrated as some of the very best found in Washington DC. But more than just great tasting food, everything served at NuVegan Cafe is 100% vegan with organic and raw options.

We understand you seek more from your food than is offered at most restaurants, and our commitment to both flavor and health has created an unparalleled dining experience that will not only satisfy your appetite, but energize, revitalize and refresh from the inside out. So join us! Take a break from the city to enjoy our spa-like environment and experience the essence of food with NuVegan Cafe.



THE MENU is an eclectic and soulful mix of seasonal and signature specialties including a variety of organic and gluten free options; with a large selection, ranging from light fare and carryout to entrées and dessert.

Sophisticated and delicious creations, made from the simplest ingredients on earth.
Nothing about the food you eat at NuVegan Café is unnatural or unfamiliar. We’ve got all your favorites! From fried chicken to mac and cheese, comfort food is our specialty.

Our food not only taste delectable… your customers will feel good about consuming what you serve. No guilty pleasure here. Only our pleasure.

Green never tasted so good.